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There was almost always that feeling of things not being right, an unsettling sensation that meant the present moment was uncomfortable and a source of agitation. The feeling was there in the background, always. It emerged in the pauses in life, and especially during those times when it was possible to drift away from the present moment.

It was ironic that in life, he struggled to ensure that there was stability, and yet, this stability itself seemed to be embued with a deep discontent. When he thought about it, it seemed that the whole society was caught in this parallel existence, a place out of contact with the essence of life and overly devoted to secondary concerns that bled the vigour of life from within. The discontent hung over the place, like an invisible layer, but one that could not be mistaken.

He sought ways to supress the feeling, or to avoid engaging with it – little moments and ways of escape. Some chose to meditate, others to work, and countless other strategies to avoid these sensations. Worse, there was drinking as an escape to oblivion, and other things with greater detriment. It is likely that these ways are often unconscious and as such, lead to floating between discomfort, a reaction, and never really knowing what was next.

What he didn't realise was that thoughts and sensations from the past and about the future were almost constantly pulling him away from the current moment. In fact, the current moment, for the most part was tolerable and often even good, but when connected to the past or the future, there was a lull and drawing into disquiet.

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